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3.    Vous aidez à retrouver une énergie vitale et un bon équilibre du corps. 

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Who are these products for?

We propose different solutions to keep us healthy in order to compensate the different feeding deficiencies generated by the modern way of life of our societies. Disequilibrium generated by a growing industrialized food chain production, with food coloring, stabilizers, fertilizers, genetically engineered molecules and so on, to the point that our identity, be it physical (immune wise) as well as spiritual, cannot recognize. Fulmina Distri has regrouped already well known remedies, rare or forgotten, but still and always of very high quality. These products are being manufactured by skilled craftsmen or industrial corporations still thriving to attain a high level of perfection on the original raw materials, on the process of fabrication, that will guarantee the highest quality of product.

Lapis Elixir

the bioelectricity that carries to the heart of a cell the energy it needs ; it triggers the cellular mechanism of the cleaning and resetting of the initial cellular programming. The good energy needed for a proper functioning of the reproduction of the life chain in a person’s organism by its actions on telomerase function (telomeres) and on mitochondria to stimulate the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Lapis Pro

The Lapis Pro Complex is a very specific intestinal biotic bio-regulator built from vegetal origin, and issued from the research in metagenomics.


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